Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Watching

Without a midweek podcast tipping you off to the marquee games, how do you know what games are worth your time? This post is how!

The obvious approach is to find games with two ranked teams squaring off. So....
  • #22 Georgia a. #24 South Carolina - Click here for commentary.
  • #17 FSU a. #10 Oklahoma - Cut those rankings in half and this could be 1994.
  • #12 Miami a. #2 Ohio State - The first chance for Ohio State to get knocked out of the NC race. Keep them fingers crossed!
  • #18 Penn State a. #1 Alabama - Criminy, that's three pretty interesting match ups in a row. How the hell did this many huge games get scheduled this early in the season?!?
Next, you can try to pick out a few that just seem like they might be good. (Uh, duh.)
  • Iowa State a. #9 Iowa - Buddy Randolph's Upset Alert...for no particular reason.
  • #25 Stanford a. UCLA - Eventually UCLA's going to start winning games, right?
  • Virginia a. #16 USC - Because how hilarious would it be if Virginia's even mildly competitive in this game?
It's Week One, you might as well watch as many games as you can.

Although it might be worth boycotting the ESPN Monday Night double header on principle. I hate this new "tradition." Practically, the timing really only works for viewers in the Central and Mountain timezones. On the East Coast, the late game doesn't end until, like, 2 in the damn morning. On the West Coast, the first game starts at 4 o'clock. On a Monday. Plus, since they started doing this, one game has been okay (this year: Baltimore at the Jets) and one game has been fucking terrible (San Diego a. Kansas City). Attention ESPN: Knock it off.

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