Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, shit.

So much for the Buffalo Bills being Action Football!'s Second Favorite Team (at least as far as I'm concerned; Rochester is fully capable of making is own decisions - the state grand jury said so twice). The signing of Terrell Owens made sure of that.

At least now there's a new topic - discussing the merits of the other 27 teams (the ones that aren't the Bucs, Packers - already faves - Bills, Bears, and Panthers) to fill the AF!SFT role - to feature on the blog or in off-season podcasts.


Rochester said...

Nope, I think I am sticking with the Bills. I can't think of another team that would fit my SFT mold any better. It wasn't a bad move by the Bills any who. Dropping him and taking a $9 million dollar hit to you and your cap is a different story. I am surprised at the $4 million guaranteed monies (I love using the term 'monies'. It make me feel so British. SHEAD-U-AL! YES!) What the hell is up with all this ridiculous guaranteed monies this off season. Hanyesworth was the worst, but that is what Danny Douche does. That should be a lesson to other owners, "Don't do what Danny Douche does."

I hated Keyshawn but accepted him as a Buccaneers. Of course, that bit me in the ass a three seasons later. It is kind of like PFLAG. There should be support groups for when you club does something stupid. I am gonna need one for the Buccaneers after this off season is done.

Buddy said...

Well, this should make for a lively discussion. I'll admit I was (am) tempted to stick with the Bills (especially after seeing Trent Edwards on PTI yesterday), but the idea of actively rooting for TO is too much to overcome.

Perhaps the easiest thing for me to do (and a worthwhile excuse to post something to the mf blog...) will be to go through each division picking "maybes" and "definitely nots."

I'll probably hold off making my official selection until after the Draft. Because Travis Beckum or Chris Pressley (yeah, big fella!) could tip the scales for a "maybe."