Thursday, March 12, 2009

Project Runwaction Football!

Perhaps you've heard, perhaps you haven't, but the Detroit Lions are considering changing their logo and uni colors. Grand Rapids Press writer Brian VanOchten* applauds the idea countering those that might think the Lions are messing with tradition by saying "what tradition?" You can't argue with that. Still, I'd caution supporting a redesign for a few reasons. First, BVO says that the "logo should be simple but modern-looking Lion [you might consider adding an article, so you don't sound like a caveman], much more aggessive but not cartoonish." I say: fat fucking chance. The odds of the new Lions logo looking like a maned unholy union of the Carolina Panthers logo and the Jacksoville Jaguars logo is, like, 99%. I think that the best approach would be refining the existing Lions logo (much like how the University of Wisconsin modernized the previous version of Bucky Badger). In the Lions case, the zig-zaggy mane could be minimized, and the body could be made slightly leaner and meaner; abandoning a silhouette, though, is a mistake.

BVO nails the approach to the uniform, though, when he suggests that team president Tom Lewand might consider incorporating the leaping lion into the "throwback" uniform the Lions wear on Thanksgiving. The blue is darker than the "Honolulu blue" (which, apparently, is what the current blue is called), and the silver's nice. Using the throwback scheme with a refined version of the current logo would be something akin to the New York Giants redesign, which is one of the few successful identity changes in recent memory.

Make it work.

Holy hell, look at that glorious bastard. If you told me he was an Eric Wareheim character and not a real-life person, I'd buy it hook line and sinker.

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